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Malbork Castle

The biggest medieval castle in Europe and the largest castle in the world by surface area

The brick castle of Malbork was the seat of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order. It consists of a The High Castle, The Middle Castle, and The Low Castle. Over 4.5 million bricks were used to build the castle. It is registered on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.


Breathtaking views of Malbork Castle

The view of the castle in the rays of the setting sun, when the color of bricks becomes fiery orange, is impressive!

Malbork Castle

Aerial view of Malbork Castle from its highest tower is also exciting. See also panoramic Google Street View.

Aerial view of Malbork Castle

Night view of illuminated castle.Worth the wait until the evening, the view is like from a fairy tale.

Night view of Malbork Castle


Malbork Castle medieval architecture.

Malbork castle was partailly destroyed during II World War. The present form is effect of detailed restoration.

Malbork Castle destroyed during II World War

Bridge Towers and The High Castle, view form the Nogat river.

Bridge Towers of Malbork Castle

Gdanisko (Danzker) - tower that served as the most modern toilet for medieval time. The name probably comes from Gdańsk (germ. Danzig). Knights of Teutonic Order hated citizens of that city, because they banished Teutonic Order from Gdańsk. Technically gdanisko is a tower outside the walls of the castle, combined with him by gallery. Usually, there was u stream below the tower, flushing away filthiness.

Danzker (Gdanisko)

Medieval signpost showing the way to the toilet.

Devil sigpost to the toilet

It looks liket the Teutonic Knights had a sense of humor! This funny little devil above, is nothing more than a signpost that pointed the way to gdanisko (danzker). Gdanisko is tower serving as a toilet, most often occurring in the castles of the Teutonic Knights.

In those days, most people were illiterate, hence the need to use generally understandable signs. Take a closer look at this little bastard above: His mimic is a little bit dramatic, you can see that an urgent need is bothering him! His crossed legs and left hand in the crotch area show what is his torment. Widely developed wings indicate rush. The corridor to the gdanisko tower was about 50 meters long, so one had to hurry with his urgent need... :-) The devil's tail was the pointer of direction.


Medieval garden with roses, in backyard of The Higher Castle.

Garden (rosarium)

The Grand Refectory - the largest and finest interior in the whole secular architecture of the Teutonic Order. The interior still impresses with great architecture, innovative vault design, resting on three slender columns and very high, decorative windows. This spacious interior had to make a great impression on guest and visitors.

Grand refectory

Summer refectory with an innovative radial vault supported by one central pillar, is one of the best achievements of medieval archiecture not only in the Teutonic Order.

Summer refectory

Summer refectory in Grand Master Palace. (By Pko (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

Amber contexts exhibition in The Middle Castle shows the richness of natural forms and colors of "living stone" and consumer items and jewelry made of it. The aim of the exhibition is to present a collection of amber gathered by the Castle Museum since its establishment in 1961.

Unique collection of amber in Malbork Castle Museum


Opening hours and ticket prices

Museums opening hours and ticket prices vary depending on the season – before visiting check it out on the website!


Malbork Castle online tickets

You can order tickets online (guided tours in different lanuages) here.


How to get to The Malbork Castle

The best way to get there is by car, driving by highway A1 and national road 22. You can find parking place near Malbork Castle here and here.