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Śnieżka mountain

Sniezka (Snowhill) - the highest (1603m) peak in The Karkonosze Mountains

It is located at the Czech-Polish border in the Karkonosze National Park. It dominates the landscape and offers a great panoramatic view of Poland and the Czech Republic

Śnieżka mountain

© Ben Skála, CC BY-SA 3.0


Śnieżka meteorological observatory

South side of the mountain belongs to Czech Republic; the north belongs to the Poland. On the Polish side of the peak there is disc-shaped meteorological observatory and restaurant, built in 1974.

Meteorological Observatory

"SniezkaHD" by Jozef - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


In winter the observatory looks even more amazing... But you climb Śnieżka only at your own risk, because of many dangers (avalanches, instant weather changes).

Śnieżka Mountain, Meteorological Observatory in winter


Chapel of Saint Lawrence

Built ca. 1665-1681 by the Silesian Schaffgotsch family to mark their dominion.

St Lawrence chapel on top of the Śnieżka Mountain


Sending postcards from Śnieżka

On the Czech side there is a Czech Post office, where you can buy postcards and stamps.

Czech Post


How to get to Śnieżka

The tourists paths to Śnieżka starts in Karpacz. The best way to get to Karpacz is by car or by train (from Wrocław). You can park your car here (paid) and start your trip about 200-300m further, near Wang church. The path is marked. You can also buy a map and guide in a nearby kiosk. It takes about 3,5h to get to the peak (about 11km).


Explore safely

The trail is relatively easy, but remember, mountains can be dangerous. Get trekking shoes, warm clothes (weather can change immediately), and cellular phone. In case of accident you can call emergency number of Mountain Volunteer Rescue and Ambulance Service +48 601 100 300.

The trail leads through Karkonoski National Park, so you are not allowed to detour, it is both: illegal and dangerous.